I just watched an episode of 60 Minutes which helped to put things in a little perspective for me.  Here is my current situation…

I voluntarily left my job, that was okay, to try and start a business.  I have spent about the last 5 years or so looking and thinking about starting a business so this is clearly something I want to do.

I have moved to Oregon, a beautiful part of the country.  Why?  I wanted a change in scenery, I wanted the experience of living somewhere new and different.  I wanted the challenge of building a new life.

I have friends, well more like family now, that are here to help and support me.  They are letting me live in their house and working with me on this project.  They feed me, they put up with my incredibly hilarious sense of humor and they have allowed me to intrude into every aspect of their lives.

I have an amazing wife who also has enabled me to chase a crazy dream and who has pledged, perhaps to her own chagrin, to come with me on this insane journey.

I have a loving and supportive family who I know miss me but really do wish me the best and I know are pulling for me to be successful.

I have a group of friends back in Indiana that are helping to take care of my wife and who are helping me to maintain my sanity by just being themselves.

I have some great pups that love me even when I don’t take them to play disc golf.  Every time I come home it’s like it’s the best thing that has happened to them all day.

There are a few details of my situation that aren’t ideal, but by and large I am a very, very lucky person.  I know there are many, many people who are in much worse shape than I am who didn’t put themselves into that situation voluntarily.  I am going to try to keep that in perspective.  I am, in actual fact, living the life!


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