I just made up a word.  What does it mean?  Um, something about writing things and then un-writing them.  On a friend’s facebook page someone posted something and I wanted to type a response.  I typed it, but before I submitted it I decided not to.  Not because what I wrote was offensive or angry or anything, although I did disagree with someone, it was more because I was simply unable to put my thoughts accurately into words.  That is scribidiciousness (scrib – not scribe).  At the moment.

So I’m updating again because I’m not doing anything else at the moment.  Certainly not that I don’t have anything else to do, I’m simply choosing to not do any of those other things at this time.  Lucky you!

I miss my friends, I miss knowing how to get everywhere without having to think really hard about it, I miss my family.  I even miss my job, or at least the daily interactions that I had with my co-workers.  Also, apparently my leaving the state of Indiana was more than the Colts could handle and they have literally physically begun to fall apart.  Sorry kids, it turns out that this one is going to be a bit of whiny self-pity.  Didn’t know that when I started…

I am very excited to get to see my wife and family for Thanksgiving.  I am excited to get the shop open and see if people are going to respond to what we are trying to build.  I am anxious to see how I’m going to like this life I’m trying to build once we get beyond the transitional stage.  I really hope that I don’t look back and realize that this was a huge mistake.  Let me clarify something, the one thing I’m concerned about, really, really concerned about is that at some point in the future I’m going to look back at this time and really regret having left my wife right after we got married.  That may not have been the best decision ever made, although I did suggest we get married a little later than we did.  Shrug, nothing to do about it now.

I am looking forward to Monday Night Football.  I’m going to meet some new people and watch the game at Northern Lights, which is a theater turned pub.  No idea if any other Colts fans will be present, but I will be representin beyotch!  Go blue!  Don’t get hurt!

The shop is starting to come together more and more, from a physical layout perspective, but we have a ton of work to do to be “operational”.  One really great thing is how supportive everyone has been, even people (or perhaps especially) who have no real reason to be particularly supportive.

We are going to hang with our neighbors tomorrow evening, have a drink or two.  That should be a good time.  I’m kinda out of stuff for tonight.  I did update though, so don’t hold it against me that I ran out of steam.  😛


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