Hey kids, a lot of things have been happening in the last month (since my last post).  Here is a summary…

1)  The “secret” is becoming less and less of a secret by the day.  Which is great and will be a huge relief once we make an announcement and get it out in the open.

2)  I got so pissed off at a driver the other day I gave chase and stuck my head out the window and yelled and challenged the guy.  At that moment I was ready to beat him to death.  It has been a long time since I felt that kind of pure rage.  Was it really that big of a deal?  The guy called me an idiot because I didn’t go when he wanted me to or something.  My reaction was completely irrational and atypical (I hope at least).  This told me that I was very stressed out and I wasn’t really handling it well.  It was an eye opening moment, and frankly embarrassing.  I’m glad the guy didn’t get out of his car because that wasn’t going to be good for anyone.  I owe him an apology, but this is going to have to suffice.

3)  Preceding the “car incident” I had been pretty down, ever since I left Indiana this last time.  I think it’s that I know it’s going to be a long time (close to 3 months) before I’ll see Leslie in person again.  I’m also missing my friends, and missing significant events in my friends’ lives (Congratulations to Mike and Brooke on getting married and it looks like your wedding kicked ass!).  I also realize that part of my problem is that I don’t want to share my doubts, fears, frustrations, etc with Leslie when we have our webcam chats or talk on the phone.  I think there are two reasons for this, first that we don’t get to chat nearly as often as we used to so each moment is precious and I don’t want to ruin them by bringing up negative feelings, and second that I have CHOSEN to put us in the current circumstances so I don’t feel like I am allowed to have negative feelings about what’s going on.  Leslie and I have talked about this stuff a little bit and when I did get some stuff off of my chest, that definitely helped.  It’s a process and we are working on it 🙂

4)  We have hit a bit of a roadblock in getting the business up and running.  It’s not a deal breaker, and I am confident that we can come up with a solution, but it’s definitely slowing us down and causing us some stress.  More about this in a future post.

5)  Money.  That’s going to be a problem from now on, or so I’m guessing.  Time to play the lottery.

6)  Shadow is mad at me because we haven’t been out to play disc golf since I got back.  She gives me grief about it just about every day 😉

7)  Why am I doing a numbered list?  I don’t know.

VIII)  Ha!

9)  I read a book by Terry Pratchett thanks to a recommendation (and book loan) by my new friends and neighbors, Johnny and Lauralyn (sp?), and I loved it.  I am anxious to read more of his work, but not sure when I’ll have time.  I read The Color of Magic on when I was traveling recently.  He definitely has the irreverent and whimsical style that I enjoy so much, somewhat not entirely unlike Douglas Adams.

10)  Leslie really wants a new dog that she can start training in agility.  I don’t blame her and I feel bad that she can’t really get one right now because of finances and the impending move and all that is currently going on.  I want her to be happy and I know she is putting that on hold for me.  I can only hope to repay her someday for the way she is supporting me in my foolish endeavor.

11)  I got to experience the joy of the Oregon DMV for the first time.   I walked in, took a number (66) looked at the number board that said they were now serving 22 and went crap.  I then ran to Best Buy to look for an USB – IR receiver (didn’t have one) and ran home to grab my phone.  Got back and they were up to 54!  Not bad.  I registered my new motorcycle (wink, wink, Kat) and my Jeep, plus I got a new drivers license.  It turns out I had to take a written test to get my license in Oregon.  I grabbed their book, studied for about 20 minutes and then took the exam.  I scored 85% and needed 80% to pass so I was happy, especially since I hadn’t taken a test about driving in close to 20 years.  Bah, just writing that made me feel old.

11.1)  At the DMV here in Oregon they only accept cash or check.  I know this because they have it posted EVERYWHERE.  On the windows, on the doors, on big signs and little ones, at every customer service station, on their website.  I literally read it 18 times before I spoke to a single person in the building.  While I was up “doing my business”, a woman came up to the counter next to mine and tried to pay with a credit card.  HOLY CRAP!  I can only surmise that this person was illiterate, which is sad.  The upside is that the DMV thought ahead, and much like a strip club, has an ATM on the premises.

11.1b)  The DMV here does allow you to smile (so suck on that Indiana!).  However they don’t create your plastic driver’s license on site, so you get a paper temporary one, which is a little odd.  Also, when you update your address, you don’t get a new license, they PUT A STICKER ON YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE.  Can you imagine using your driver’s license in Indiana with a sticker on it?  No way that’s going to be a problem.

12) I have a strong desire to upgrade my vehicle, which is funny since I’ve got no money.  I keep looking for a Grand Cherokee that’s a little newer than my 98 (ideally a 2001) and with fewer miles (mine has 178k) and in a little better shape.  Probably not going to happen anytime soon, but it’s a nice thought.

12b)  The Motorhome is still in the shop.  It took them about 3 weeks to find a place to order some parts from and it’s going to take another 3 weeks to get the parts in.  The upside is that I basically get to store it there for free.  The downside is, well, nothing really.  I was going to register it as well but it was going to cost over $300 just for it.  I’m going to hold off on that one for a little while longer.

13)  Every time I’ve made a trip back to Indiana, I’ve gotten to see my mom.  I think I’ve seen her more since I moved out to the West Coast than I did when I was living in Indiana.  Funny how that works.

14)  Apparently we are just at the beginning of fall/winter here.  It’s started being a little rainy and overcast.  I rather like it right now, I think we had it so dry for so long that just getting to see some rain is rather pleasant.  I sat out on the back porch this morning, after having coffee with my wife, and just watched it rain.

15)  I defeated the carpet, but it did take it’s toll.  I have a little soreness in my everything.  One of my knuckles won’t pop anymore, although I hope it’s only temporary.  My fingers and one of my knees are swollen.  I told Amy yesterday that I was built for data, not labor.

16)  Pepper is still doing awesome with the allergies and whatnot.  She clearly missed me when I was gone, which was nice to see.  I missed her and Shadow both.

17)  Winston isn’t losing weight like I think he should be, I’m beginning to suspect he may have a thyroid or glandular problem.

18)  Marissa is insane.

19)  I’ve actually started being able to drive myself around town without getting too lost.  I haven’t even been taking Maggie (my GPS) with me most of the time.  That’s a nice feeling to start being able to navigate around.  I may not take the most efficient route to get where I’m going, but I can usually get there.

20)  Today I’m home by myself, Scot and Amy are both off doing other things.  That means it’s robe day!  🙂

21)  We (Scot and I) went Kayaking recently with a group called Oregon Active.  It’s a neat concept, they try to do adventure type things (kayaking, bungee jumping, hiking, etc.) and get people together to go do them.  They are building an adventure park with ziplines and whatnot, so that’s going to be awesome!  Good group of people, or so it seemed.  Plus there was beer (PBR and Widmer)!

22)  Long Beach California probably won’t impress anyone.

23)  Fuddrucker’s closes at 9:00 pm.  9!?!?!

Pi)  Cheese pizza on thin crust is yummy.  Pepperoni pizza on thin crust is pretty good.  Double pepperoni on thin crust is TOO DAMN FAR!

25)  Apparently when it rains kinda hard in Portland, the sewers over-flow into the Willamette River.  Not just the storm sewers, but the sewers that are full of everyone’s butt juice.  We went kayaking on the Willamette.  Poop.

26)  Keurig makes a kick-ass milk frother.  It costs about $70.  That’s fucking crazy!

27)  I’ve been watching Top Gear and it’s like car porn.

28)  The Colt’s lost their season opener against the Houston Texans.  It’s my fault, I forgot to wear a Colt’s Jersey.  The games start at 10:00 am here, and no I have no problem drinking a beer that early.  Football and beer go together like penis and vagina (or other penis, depending on your persuasion).

29)  I was able to watch 3 games simultaneously on Sunday, two on my laptop and one on the TV.  New England won (shit), Colt’s lost (double shit) and Bear’s won but they shouldn’t have (last time they had a season where that happened a lot, they were in the Super Bowl, so yay).

30)  I have to pee after having 3 cups of coffee and a glass of water.  Bye.


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