Okay, so I’m slightly addicted to Wipeout on ABC.  It’s the less funny american version of the old show called MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) which was a Japanese game show dubbed into english (who says there isn’t anything worthwhile in Japanese culture)?  It’s an obstacle course where people, um, wipeout?  Funny stuff happens and sometimes it looks very painful, double bonus!

I’ve become slightly frustrated with my weight loss, I’ve been vigilant about tracking my calories and staying below my calorie goals about 90% of the time.  I’ve also been trying to be more active, so we have been playing disc golf every other day or so, we went diving this past weekend, and if we don’t play disc golf I try to make sure and take the dogs for a nice long walk at a good pace.  I dropped from 188 lbs down to 178 pretty quickly, but now I’ve stalled out in the 178 – 180 lbs.  Not sure why I’m not dropping the weight anymore, but I’ve hit one of those so-called plateaus.  Maybe I need to drink more scotch!

I’m missing my friends from home pretty bad these days.  I haven’t really met too many people out here yet.  On the one hand, I’m a little busy but I definitely have time to meet people.  The biggest problem for me, I think, is that I don’t have any money.  Lots of things that I think of to go do cost money and I don’t have any.  I’m going to keep looking for things to go do that don’t cost anything because I really need to make some friends to hang out with other than Scot and Amy.  Don’t get me wrong, we are still getting along and having fun most days, but I had a few hours to myself today and it was FANTASTIC.  I am going to get a good chunk of me time this weekend as well.  Amy’s parents are in town and the fearsome foursome are going to head to the coast for the weekend.  I’ll probably take the dogs to the park, or to play some disc golf.

I will be making a trip back to Bloomington next week.  We are going to have a huge yard sale coming up, so I’m going to help get that ready.  We need to ditch a good bit of stuff before moving Leslie out west.  I cannot wait to get her out here.  There is so much going on here that I want her to be a part of and that I want to share with her.  Very, very soon now the “secret” is going to be unleashed on a somewhat suspecting public.  We are hearing more and more rumors about things here locally, so we aren’t going to be able to keep it under wraps much longer.  I am going to be very relieved to get it out in the open.  Keeping such a secret is very difficult and stressful for me.

Okay, well that wasn’t a great update, but at least it was an update so quit yer bitchin.


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