Ok, I clearly suck at keeping my blog updated.  Sometimes it’s tough to force myself to actually sit down and type what I have to say.  Sometimes I’m just lazy and don’t want to take the time.  Other times I think I don’t really want to write out what I’m feeling for various reasons.  But not today by golly, not today!

So we have taken a huge leap forward down the path to getting our little project up and running.  I think we are going to begin to see some tangible results very soon (weeks and not months at this point).  The “secret” is starting to spread and there are whispers here and there.  As we continue to move forward we have to tell more and more people about what we are up to and so we are just about done with keeping a lid on it, whether we are really ready or not.  The interesting thing for me at this point is that every significant step we take, opening a bank account, starting a company, whatever, is that I simply feel like I’ve removed another barrier to starting to get the real hard work done.  It’s not really like I’m accomplishing anything, just putting myself in a position to be able to accomplish something.  It sounds weird even to me and doesn’t necessarily make a ton of sense, but I know what I mean dammit!  😉

Same old story on the wife front.  I miss her terribly, I’ve put a huge burden on her that probably isn’t fair (no real probably about it) and she is doing a great job of keeping up the house, the dogs, and running the home front while I’m out “chasing the dream”, whatever the hell that means.  🙂  I’ll never be able to repay her for her support.

Some good news, Pepper is doing awesome with her new medication.  She pretty much ignores her feet (no chewing) and scooting her but on the floor is way, way down (much to Scot and Amy’s delight).  Shadow is also in pretty good shape, she tends to sleep in bed with me and usually lets me have almost half of it, which is quite generous of her.  They both continue to shed fur like CRAZY and no matter how much brushing I seem to do is slowing it down.

I’ve gotten back into playing Disc Golf a little bit.  I really needed to get out and be active and so I thought I would check out the scene here in Salem.  It is quite popular here, they have a really nice 18 hole course with baskets that is close to Petwerks World HQ, so we can stop and play at lunch or on the way home.  I also managed to get Scot to try a round with me and he really enjoyed it.  So much so that this weekend he found a course that we went and played (and introduced Amy to as well).  This course was very cool and very challenging.  I’m not anywhere near as good as I was when I was playing several times a week, but I’m not as bad as when I first started either.  Leslie is going to send me my discs so I’ll have the ones I’m used to throwing instead of the used ones that I picked up for $5.

I also discovered I had put on a few more pounds than I wanted, so I’ve been working on that.  I put an application on my phone that tracks my calorie intake for the day.  I’ve been able to manage between 1100 – 1500 calories per day since I started using it and I would say it hasn’t really even been that difficult, at least it hadn’t been until tonight.  We got pizza to celebrate the specific milestone that we achieved today and I ate a little more than I should have (exceeded my goal by about 200 calories).  For the most part I’m eating what I want to eat, just less of it.  The biggest change is that I’m not getting the 500+ calorie coffee every day.  I tried the “skinny” version and while it only contains about 200 calories, what it lacks in calories it makes up for in suck.  I’m switching to making my own coffee at home.  I can get away with a coffee that is pretty good for about 100 calories, maybe 150.  When I started I was at 188 lbs and my end goal is between 170 – 175.  I had gotten heavy enough to notice a difference so I’m going to slim down.

As for the project, I think that we will really start testing how well Scot and I are going to work together.  We have a lot of decisions we need to make and we are not always going to see things the same way.  Scot is used to getting it done the way he want because he hasn’t had to work with anyone in the way that this project is structured.  It is going to be interesting, that is for certain.

That is all for now.  Maybe I’ll post again in a few days (yeah, right).


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