**NOTE** This was originally written July 3rd, 2010. **NOTE**

Business, business, business.  We have recently reached some significant milestones.  The corporation KriSco Enterprises has been created.  Scot and I have divided ownership shares of the company such that I own 51% to his 49% and I am officially President.  Sounds pretty sexy eh?  So far I don’t feel particularly presidential.

We have put in offers on 3 retail locations that we really liked, two of them have come back with counter-offers and they don’t seem to be willing to budge on price.  This strikes us as a little odd based on the current market.  We did make some low-ball offers and that seemed to “irritate” one of the brokers.  My view on this sort of thing is that it’s a negotiation and we were trying to start it out and see what the market conditions looked like.  Her view may have been that we are ass-hats (not necessarily false), but it’s certainly nothing personal.  I would honestly prefer to sit down with the landlords, have a couple of beers and hash out the details.  Passing info from our broker to their broker to the owner is just inefficient and stupid.

We picked up a piece that we hope to use in the shop.  It’s decorative in nature, and it was a pretty good deal (thank you craigslist).  We are going to try and create a very different feel in our shop from what one typically sees, and I think the piece we got today is going to help.

The biggest challenge we are facing right now, as I see it, is location.  The locations that we like and get excited about and that fit with our concept and vision for the shop are about twice what we are hoping to pay.  The locations we find that fit into our budget, kinda suck.  We did put in an offer on a space that would be AWESOME and that has been empty for 3 years, so we might get lucky depending on how badly they want to get someone in the space.

We looked at some software today to help us run the shop.  I think that Scot was pretty skeptical when I made the appointment to get the demo.  Once the demo was over, he was on-board with getting the software and feeling like it’s going to be money well spent.  I agree.  The software isn’t perfect (ever seen any that was?), but I think it’s going to enable us to really get things organized and track all kinds of great information to help us be successful.  Amy went along for the demo as well and was also impressed.

I think that Scot and I may need to spend a day apart.  We have pretty much been around each other every day, almost all day long, since I got out here.  I found I was getting a little irritable.  It might have been because of this damn cold, or allergies, or whatever the hell is going on that’s got me clogged up and coughing.  I really need to get out and meet some people and start making friends and connections, but I can see it’s going to be a challenge when I have a budget of $3 weekly for entertainment 😉

I feel overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of crap we have to get accomplished and the time frame we are trying to get it all done in.  It is going to be a challenge, that is for certain.

We have decided on a name, we are going to be called Blue Element Scuba.  I like it, I think it sounds modern and conjures up images of the ocean.  I also think it’s going to be easy to build a theme and a cool logo around it.  We are going to use bescuba.com as our primary URL, which seems to me to be pretty clean and sweet for us.  I think Scot prefers Blue Door Scuba, but there is something about that one that I just don’t like and it’s difficult for me to explain.  I suppose a different, possibly better way to go might be to put NEW in the name somewhere, since we really intend to be a new and different kind of shop.  On the other hand, coming up with a name was a little bit frustrating and so re-entering that party is not on the top of my to-do list.

Well, it’s late and I’m tired.  I’m going to call it quits for tonight, so for all of you who will never get to read this, goodnight!


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