It has clearly been too long since I last posted.  Part of that is because my wife, Shadow, Pepper and I took a week-long road-trip across the country from Bloomington, Indiana to Salem, Oregon.

The trip was great, we got to see a lot of amazing scenery throughout the trip.  Wind farms in northern Iowa, the hills and features of the Badlands, Devil’s Tower (which I am going to call Rock Tree), the Plague Bearing Prairie Dogs, the mountains and valleys, rivers and waterfalls, forests and desert, the thermal features in Yellowstone National Park, and all of the amazing wildlife.  I got to experience and see a lot of new things for the first time, and I think my wife really enjoyed watching my reactions.

It was a lot of fun, but it was also stressful.  When you are relying on a couple of vehicles that are 12 years old to get you across the country, and you have had some problems in the past, it can create a certain amount of dread.  We did have a snag when the Jeep’s starter fried on the last day of our visit to Yellowstone.  We got to take a tow truck at night through the park.  It was kind of fun, it was the first and only time when we could both look around instead of needing to pay attention to the road.  We got the Jeep hooked up to the RV with some excellent team-work, and I changed the starter on the Jeep in about 2 hours and for only 100 bucks.  Not too bad.

It was also kind of a bummer to realize that at the end of the trip that Leslie was going to have to go back to Indiana.  It was absolutely fantastic to share the experience with her, and I think we both are recognizing how wonderful a two dog household would be.  We love our dogs very much, but I think 4 is just a bit too much.

We have posted a ton of pictures on our Facebook accounts, so check them out.  Coming up later, I’ll be adding an update on the business plans as they are coming along nicely.  Maybe 🙂


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