**NOTE** This was originally written June 3rd, 2010. I just never made it public for some reason **NOTE**

As you can see by the title of this post, the information contained within this article is completely secret, well as secret as anything on the internet is.  🙂

Last week was awesome (week of 5/24 – 5/28) in terms of moving the business forward.  One thing that we are discovering as we move forward with our project, and since this is secret I can go ahead and say “Scuba Shop”, is that people in this industry are very, very willing to help us noobies.  Obviously there are people that represent various organizations (retailers, certification agencies, etc.) that are going to try to be helpful because it will obviously benefit them (salespeople!), but there are some other people that have been incredibly helpful and forthcoming with information that I’d like to mention that, as near as I can tell gain no benefit from our success or failure.

Mark Brooks @ Southern Indiana Scuba

Walt Amidon @ Scuba Set Adventure

Kippy Haefner @ Wallin’s Dive Center

Rick Rowett @ Dolphin Scuba Center

There have been others, many others in fact, that have been more than willing (I might even call them eager) to lend advice and help to a couple of doofus strangers trying to get started in their business.  This is one aspect of this industry that really appeals to me, it’s not a cut-throat competitive industry where every other shop is seen as competition.  It is more like a community in the sense that we are all in this together.  My sincere hope is that once our shop is opened, or at least once the plans become public, that the shops we are closest to are willing to have a cordial relationship, but we will see.  We really want to provide a different experience and target some different market segments than are currently being served in the area.  We feel that there is enough business to go around, but time will tell on that.

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