So today I have “officially” become a resident of Oregon, sorta.  I’m staying at Scot & Amy’s house, and they are being wonderfully gracious by opening their home to me, and I’m very thankful for that.  Without them, I wouldn’t have had the courage to make this trip.

The last 48 hours has been emotionally draining.  I miss my wife and my puppies so much.  It’s strange because I’ve only been gone for less than a day, but I suppose that because I know this is going to be an extended trip and it is likely only the first of many that every hour apart feels magnified.  This morning when Leslie dropped me off at the airport, if she had said “Please don’t go.” I probably wouldn’t have.  Quitting my job was much, much easier than leaving today.

I think that the pain I’m putting her through, and that I’m going through is going to help me to focus on the goals and to work as hard as I can to be successful.  I would hate to put her through this and fail, so that it would seem to have been for nothing.  I have to make the most of every moment that I’m away, she deserves no less.

I will also say that I am completely and utterly physically and emotionally exhausted.  I’ve been up for 21 hours and flown from Indy to Denver and then to Portland, so I’m optimistic that I’ll bounce back and be ready to kick some butt.

I’m already counting the days when I get to see my wife and “kids” again.  See you in 26 days…

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