Well I’ve survived yet another Gravity Head. While I had a great time with the guys, one presence was definitely missed. My friend “House” has been my GH buddy a couple of times and due to things I’ll not go into here, he was unable to attend. We drank (and drank, and drank) in his honor.

I have driven my motorhome (34 feet long, class A) to GH a couple of years, but this is the first year to get a lot of attention. I fear that with too much attention, the practice will be banned. There is a lot of space available for parking, but not for a lot of motorhomes. It probably won’t matter too much next year, but we’ll get into that in a later post. Or we won’t 🙂

Best beer of the weekend was the Samichlaus Helles. Worst beer of the weekend was actually JW Lee’s 08 aged in a Sherry Cask. Sarah was the best server of the weekend, Layla was also pretty awesome. Larry did a great job but I’m pretty sure that he was on something besides beer. Way too damn cheery for the 2nd night of Gravity Head.

People ask what Gravity Head is and we had a discussion about the difficulty with explaining it to people that aren’t beer geeks and have never been. When you say it’s a beer festival, people immediately think of long lines and tents where you get a bracelet and stand in lines to get a tiny taste of beer. This is about as far from GH as my head is from my ass. When I come up with a good way to enlighten you all as to what GH is, I’ll share it. Until then you have to be content with the knowledge that you should go. It’s going to be running until April, so there is time.

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